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who do I hate more right now?? dolfags or patsies??

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The Dolphins and the patriots are two of my most hated NFL franchises for sure, but in this upcoming game between the two teams I must admit I find myself rooting for the Dolphins even though both teams technically are tied for second place behind Brett Favre and the NY JETS!!! (at least as far as official standings is concerned).

I think the current state of the relationship between the Jets and the Patriots, especially the public feud between mangenius and bellicheat, tips the scales in favor of me rooting for the fins... Moreover, the fact that the pats have won so often recently adds to my utter hatred of new england... Furthermore, the noodle armed pennyboy was a valiant jet, although not very successful, will bring me some joy and fulfillment as a jets fan if he derails the patriots tomorrow!!!!

THE PATS SEASON ENDS TOMORROW GENTLEMAN as pennyboy finds a plethera of tight ends (fassano and martin) and the dolfags run with ronnie brown and ricky all over the depleted pats defense!!!!

The JETS will romp over the dolfags on the last game of the season (HOME GAME) and glide to a 1st round bye in the playoffs!! Accordingly, we will have a home playoff game in december on our way to a special season W/O bellicheat, brady, or the pats in our life!!!

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HATE them both with a passion

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