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David Barrett

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1 David Barrett on Sun 23 Nov 2008, 2:25 am

Whats the story here? I see him on the field a lot but I haven't payed close enough attention to see where he is lining up.

I would assume he is playing more safety though.

My real question is, why has he not been considered for the CB spot? I'm not really understanding why we brought in Ty Law. Ty comes in and plays press coverage with help over top.

Why couldn't Barrett do the same thing. Everyone has always complained that he gives to much cushion. But he is a very physical corner and I don't see why he couldn't have played press coverage with a man over top just like law does.

If you already have someone on the roster that could do the exact same thing then why bring in an older, somewhat slow guy who hasn't played in almost a year?

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