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Minnesota Vikings one dynamic quarterback from glory; enter Brett Favre

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"Enjoy the Super Bowl? Wish the Vikings had been playing? Hang on. That might be closer than you think. Consider the following:

# The New York Jets are about $13 million over the salary cap. Coincidentally, quarterback Brett Favre makes about $13 million a season.

# Favre, 39, decided to skip the Pro Bowl because of the biceps injury to his throwing arm. If he were going to retire, wouldn't he go to Hawaii and take a few bows at the end of his career? Instead, he appears concerned about further injury. That makes it look as if he's not through yet.

# If the Jets release Favre, the poison pill inserted by the Green Bay Packers disappears. That means he could sign anywhere he wants to with no compensation to any team.

# Favre might have been the league's most valuable player if he hadn't suffered that arm problem during the final month. He took over an awful Jets team — 4-12 — and had it 8-3 before the injury. That was a remarkable accomplishment. The Jets still finished 9-7.

# The best that can be said about Vikings quarterbacks in 2008 is that they were adequate. Sorry, that's not good enough. Meanwhile the team isn't getting any younger. A lot of players are at their peak. It's time to rock and roll.

# Favre wants to play here. Or let's put it this way: He wanted to play here last season. The Vikings are a lot closer to a Super Bowl than the Jets. If he still wants to play, and he hasn't said for sure, it's fair to assume he'd still like to come here. The Jets need to rebuild.

The last time, a lot of people were sure the Vikings wound never sign Favre. But it turned out to be closer to reality than many thought. The Packers were scared to death of that, however, and took extraordinary measures to prevent it.

It's still a good idea. We'll call it, "Favre II: Return to the Tundra." Television blackouts are not likely come September.

Don't think of Favre as the guy throwing all those interceptions during the last month of the season. Instead, recall the miraculous job he did before the biceps injury, which caused him to lose arm strength.

So then the Vikings draft a lineman or two to further protect their new quarterback, which they needed to do anyway, and they're in business. Look out, Super Bowl! "

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Let them have him i am tired of him acting like a diva.

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