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1 Announcement Forum Rules on Fri 21 Nov 2008, 10:46 pm

1. When you register a user account at

1. When you register a user account at NewYorkJets#1Fansite, you agree to always abide by all of our Terms of Service and Board Rules, in addition to the Terms of Service of Invision Power Board. In agreeing with this you agree to fall subject to any disciplinary actions deemed proper by the administration for rule infractions. User accounts are the only way online users can access our community forums. User accounts are a privilege and may be revoked temporarily or even permanently if they are abused. You must acknowledge that your user permissions may be altered by the board administration in any way if any of our terms are not met. We prohibit account sharing. Only one member may use an account, any account that is suspected of being shared will be automatically deleted. Since your user account is your property, you are responsible for its security. If you account is cracked, the board staff assumes no liability or responsibility for this. We recommend that you use a secure E-mail host, and a tough password that is changed regularly.

2. [Posted Content]

You are held responsible for everything you post on these forums. This includes: topics, posts, polls, avatars, signatures, profile fields, personal photos, etc. If you abuse your ability to post topics, posts, polls, or profile info, they will be immediately revoked. For clarification, we do not allow any of the following in any part of our board:

A. Flaming other Members or Staff
B. Spamming (Through posts, PMs, or E-mails)
C. Warez or things related to piracy
D. Inappropriate pictures, websites, movies, etc. (except in the Big Dog Cigar Bar)
E. Excessive obscene language or any racial slurs (See Big Dog Exception Above)
F. Creation of more than one user account
G. Advertising of Website will be limited to ONE HYPERLINK in your signature, unless prior permission from staff is given.
H. Terrorism (The act of engaging in activities that promote terrorism or promoting terrorism. Posting a picture of a terrorist is NOT considered PROMOTING terrorism.)
I. Nudity/pornographic images or swearing in your posts, avatars or signatures.
J. Harassment (The act of continually annoying, plaguing, pestering, teasing, or bedeviling a member or administrator through use of posts, PM's, e-mails, etc.)
K. Trolling (The act of continually PMing or making posts talking to or asking for a certain member, even if it is obvious that the member does not want to communicate with you.)
L. Bad words. Filters are in place to censor foul language. Do not attempt to space out filtered words in an attempt to have them displayed in a post.
M. Any posts that are considered childish, or abusive will be edited or removed.

3. [Report Rules Violations]

The following is the policy for reporting content:

A. You may report content if:
I. The content in question clearly is in violation of the RULES.
II. The content in question has not yet been investigated by an
III. The content in question clearly, in your mind, puts in a bad light.
B. You may report content to:
I. The administration.
II. A moderator.
C. Methods of reporting content:
I. Certain posts - Use the report button at the bottom of every
single post.
II. Other content - PM an administrator.
D. When reporting content, be sure to:
I. Clearly state which section of the RULES are being violated.
II. Clearly and fully specify how this content in question are
violating the RULES.
III. Give examples from the content to help to better explain
EXACTLY how this content is violating the RULES.
E. Abuse or Misuse of Reporting Content Option
I. Excessive or malicious reporting will not be tolerated.
II. If excessive or malicious reporting occurs from any one
member, then proper disciplinary action will be taken.

4. [Disciplinary Actions]

If any user breaks any of these rules in any shape or form, they are subject to the following actions:

A. Closing of topic
B. Deleting of topic
C. Edit of topic
D. Restricted access to the "Holding Cell"
E. Account deletion and banning.

If your topic or post is missing, it was probably deleted for a violation of the Forum RULES.

The length of your disciplinary action will be dependent upon several items. If you have had problems with similar infractions, the action taken against you will be more severe than that of a first time offender. The administration reserves the right to discipline a user in whatever manner necessary to maintain peace and harmony on the board.

5. [The "HOLDING CELL"] - A Member being banned will only have access to this forum and will remain here until they can prove worthy of returning to the main forums. Access will be restricted to this area and if the member would like to apply for reinstatement must prove themselves in this area first. This member will have full posting priviledges in the "Holding Cell".

6. [Conclusion]

The entire reason this board was made was to allow you to share your feelings about the best team in the NFL - The New York Jets, with other like-minded people. It was not created to be a BASHFEST for users. If you act like a mature person, you will be treated as one. If you act like a child, you will also be treated that way. New york JETS # 1 fan site

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