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Favre Leads Pro Bowl Votes, Here's a list.. some of you will be pissed with some of the others

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Pro Bowl Voting Leaders
Posted on November 19th, 2008 by Bassett By position, here’s a list of who’s leading the AFC Pro-Bowl vote. Jets players are bolded. Some notable players that are off the list for the Jets are Jerricho Cotchery, Lavaranues Coles, Darrelle Revis and Shaun Ellis. If you want to vote your players up, go to and vote as many times as you can!

Quarterbacks AFC New York Jets Favre, Brett 402514
Quarterbacks AFC Denver Broncos Cutler, Jay 308166
Quarterbacks AFC Indianapolis Colts Manning, Peyton 269504
Quarterbacks AFC San Diego Chargers Rivers, Philip 258681
Quarterbacks AFC Pittsburgh Steelers Roethlisberger, Ben 252425

Running Backs AFC Miami Dolphins Brown, Ronnie 284794
Running Backs AFC San Diego Chargers Tomlinson, LaDainian 263584
Running Backs AFC Tennessee Titans Johnson, Chris 240049
Running Backs AFC Buffalo Bills Lynch, Marshawn 154637
Running Backs AFC Jacksonville Jaguars Jones-Drew, Maurice 147703

Wide Receivers AFC Denver Broncos Marshall, Brandon 232234
Wide Receivers AFC Indianapolis Colts Wayne, Reggie 223583
Wide Receivers AFC Houston Texans Johnson, Andre 198106
Wide Receivers AFC New England Patriots Moss, Randy 188138
Wide Receivers AFC Pittsburgh Steelers Ward, Hines 175818

Fullbacks AFC Baltimore Ravens McClain, LeRon 95554
Fullbacks AFC Tennessee Titans Hall, Ahmard 79864
Fullbacks AFC New York Jets Richardson, Tony 70237
Fullbacks AFC Pittsburgh Steelers Davis, Carey 49814
Fullbacks AFC Jacksonville Jaguars Jones, Greg 48220

Tight Ends AFC San Diego Chargers Gates, Antonio 195580
Tight Ends AFC Kansas City Chiefs Gonzalez, Tony 191648
Tight Ends AFC Indianapolis Colts Clark, Dallas 123473
Tight Ends AFC Pittsburgh Steelers Miller, Heath 79206
Tight Ends AFC Cleveland Browns Winslow, Kellen 68245

Centers AFC Indianapolis Colts Saturday, Jeff 174401
Centers AFC Tennessee Titans Mawae, Kevin 173988
Centers AFC New York Jets Mangold, Nick 94063
Centers AFC Pittsburgh Steelers Hartwig, Justin 87103
Centers AFC San Diego Chargers Hardwick, Nick 67711

Guards AFC New York Jets Faneca, Alan 165610
Guards AFC Tennessee Titans Amano, Eugene 92637
Guards AFC Tennessee Titans Scott, Jake 86100
Guards AFC Pittsburgh Steelers Kemoeatu, Chris 70215
Guards AFC Buffalo Bills Dockery, Derrick 61449

Tackles AFC Miami Dolphins Long, Jake 108943
Tackles AFC New York Jets Ferguson, D’Brickashaw 95675
Tackles AFC New England Patriots Light, Matt 80270
Tackles AFC Cleveland Browns Thomas, Joe 73241
Tackles AFC Tennessee Titans Roos, Michael 70068

Defensive Ends AFC Houston Texans Williams, Mario 163371
Defensive Ends AFC Indianapolis Colts Freeney, Dwight 152659
Defensive Ends AFC Tennessee Titans Vanden Bosch, Kyle 136928
Defensive Ends AFC Tennessee Titans Kearse, Jevon 116498
Defensive Ends AFC Pittsburgh Steelers Smith, Aaron 67436

Defensive Tackles AFC Tennessee Titans Haynesworth, Albert 206925
Defensive Tackles AFC Pittsburgh Steelers Hampton, Casey 86352
Defensive Tackles AFC Buffalo Bills Stroud, Marcus 80981
Defensive Tackles AFC New York Jets Jenkins, Kris 74343
Defensive Tackles AFC Cleveland Browns Rogers, Shaun 72950

Outside Linebackers AFC Miami Dolphins Porter, Joey 151463
Outside Linebackers AFC Tennessee Titans Bulluck, Keith 117856
Outside Linebackers AFC Pittsburgh Steelers Harrison, James 117728
Outside Linebackers AFC Baltimore Ravens Suggs, Terrell 112110
Outside Linebackers AFC Pittsburgh Steelers Woodley, LaMarr 91996

Inside Linebackers AFC Baltimore Ravens Lewis, Ray 168566
Inside Linebackers AFC Pittsburgh Steelers Farrior, James 102515
Inside Linebackers AFC Pittsburgh Steelers Foote, Larry 65078
Inside Linebackers AFC New England Patriots Bruschi, Tedy 49780
Inside Linebackers AFC Houston Texans Ryans, DeMeco 41536

Cornerbacks AFC Denver Broncos Bailey, Champ 153765
Cornerbacks AFC Tennessee Titans Finnegan, Cortland 105251
Cornerbacks AFC San Diego Chargers Cromartie, Antonio 104958
Cornerbacks AFC Oakland Raiders Asomugha, Nnamdi 79408
Cornerbacks AFC Baltimore Ravens McAlister, Chris 63378

Strong Safety AFC Pittsburgh Steelers Polamalu, Troy 178764
Strong Safety AFC Indianapolis Colts Sanders, Bob 62512
Strong Safety AFC Tennessee Titans Hope, Chris 42651
Strong Safety AFC Buffalo Bills Whitner, Donte 19686
Strong Safety AFC Miami Dolphins Bell, Yeremiah 16721

Free Safety AFC Baltimore Ravens Reed, Ed 133666
Free Safety AFC Tennessee Titans Griffin, Michael 59803
Free Safety AFC Pittsburgh Steelers Clark, Ryan 41681
Free Safety AFC New York Jets Rhodes, Kerry 33900
Free Safety AFC Indianapolis Colts Bethea, Antoine 25867

Kickers AFC Tennessee Titans Bironas, Rob 69269
Kickers AFC Indianapolis Colts Vinatieri, Adam 57153
Kickers AFC Pittsburgh Steelers Reed, Jeff 49873
Kickers AFC Oakland Raiders Janikowski, Sebastian 43606
Kickers AFC Denver Broncos Prater, Matt 41103

Punters AFC Oakland Raiders Lechler, Shane 51832
Punters AFC Tennessee Titans Hentrich, Craig 48175
Punters AFC San Diego Chargers Scifres, Mike 37587
Punters AFC Buffalo Bills Moorman, Brian 37407
Punters AFC Pittsburgh Steelers Berger, Mitch 30482

Kick Returners AFC San Diego Chargers Sproles, Darren 79522
Kick Returners AFC Jacksonville Jaguars Jones-Drew, Maurice 47554
Kick Returners AFC Cleveland Browns Cribbs, Joshua 45485
Kick Returners AFC New York Jets Washington, Leon 43202
Kick Returners AFC Buffalo Bills Parrish, Roscoe 34913

Special Teamers AFC Pittsburgh Steelers Madison, Anthony 47147
Special Teamers AFC New England Patriots Izzo, Larry 43462
Special Teamers AFC Miami Dolphins Cobbs, Patrick 41895
Special Teamers AFC Baltimore Ravens Ayanbadejo, Brendon 38982
Special Teamers AFC San Diego Chargers Osgood, Kassim 38573

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