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Week 14 .......49ers/JETS Gridiron Grudges

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1 Week 14 .......49ers/JETS Gridiron Grudges on Sat 06 Dec 2008, 12:28 am

By John Mattera

In the NFL, matchups are key. Some of those matchups might be on the field, while others are more abstract. Each Friday, JMattera takes a look at a few crucial pieces of the upcoming game for the Jets this weekend, and how they fare against their competition or themselves …

New York Jets vs. BOUNCING BACK

Will everyone please relax? The NYJ won three tough road games over the past month (Buffalo, New England, Tennessee) and now because they didn’t show up against the Broncos everyone wants to panic. Listen, very few teams in the history of the NFL are able to play up to that level week in and week out. Yes I was disappointed with the way they played Sunday, but let’s keep in mind they are 8-4 atop the division.

The measuring stick now becomes how the team bounces back from last week’s performance. Good teams always bounce back after poorly played games. I really do feel the NYJ will be fine the rest of the way and will hoist a division championship for the first time since 2002 when Pennington took the reigns of the team.

The remaining portion of this season becomes even more interesting and it starts this Sunday in San Francisco. Will the NYJ revert back to the upper league echelon or will they be labeled as pretenders? Bouncing back this Sunday will put them back on track towards success.

Bob Sutton vs. MIKE MARTZ

The NYJ defense gave up a ton of yards in total offense to Jay Cutler and the Denver Broncos. They used great passing schemes to really do whatever they wanted all game. Shanahan is gone for now and in comes Mike Martz. How many of you think Mike Martz is drawing up a game plan featuring at least 40 pass attempts in Shaun Hill’s arm? I do!

Martz has one of the best weapons in the league to work with in Frank Gore. Gore is one of the most complete backs in all of the NFL. He is just as much as a threat in the running game as he is in the passing game. Along with Gore, Martz likes to utilize wide receiver Isaac Bruce and tight end Vernon Davis who may give the Jets LB’s fits considering his speed and athletic ability.

Another glaring problem last week was 0 sacks on Cutler. If the defense expects to rebound this week, pressure will be a must. Sutton has to stop using Pace and Thomas in coverage as much, and let them attack the QB more. It seems as if they are afraid to blitz because of the vulnerability of the secondary. The defense will need a good week of practice and preparation to conquer a Mike Martz offensive unit.


The NYJ offense will look to get back in sync this weekend in California. The key for this offense is to continue to feature Thomas Jones and Leon Washington running the football. Look for Dustin Keller to continue getting his fair share of opportunities in the passing game mainly on third downs.

The 49ers’ top cornerback Nate Clements has a small fracture in his thumb which is worth watching. That would be a good start for the NYJ if he is unable to go. Patrick Wllis, possibly the league’s best LB, will be waiting for TJ as he hits the holes in the running game. The offense should be able to put up high 20’s to low 30’s in points which should be enough to win this game.

New York Jets vs. GOING OUT WEST

The NYJ on the West Coast are 0-2 this season with losses at San Diego and Oakland. The San Diego and Oakland games were the two worst showings played by the Jets this season before the Denver debacle last weekend.

The weather looks like it will be partly cloudy in the 60’s a big upgrade over last game’s sloppy conditions. The Jets need to win this football game and restore the image of previous weeks. Anything other than a win would very unacceptable.

In the meantime, I will be rooting for the Cowboys (@ PITT), Bills (vs. MIA), and Seahawks (vs. NE) this weekend.

Good luck everyone!

Hopefully Mike Singletary’s pants come down again, as that would mean he’s frustrated with his team.[right]

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I am also rooting for the same teams it will help us out big time at long as we win the game.

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