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Why Is Our Pass Defense So Horrible?

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1Why Is Our Pass Defense So Horrible? Empty Why Is Our Pass Defense So Horrible? on Sat 06 Dec 2008, 10:19 pm


I'm just trying to put this together. We have a terrible pass defense... but I don't understand why. On paper, we should be good. I mean, we are near the top of the league in sacks. Revis is by all accounts a shut-down, cut-the field in half corner. Rhodes is supposedly a Pro Bowl caliber safety... what is the problem? Is it our zone schemes? Are our LBs too slow? Why is it every time I watch a game, there's always a TE or a WR open on 3rd and 8? Worse still, they get like 7 more YAC. What's goin on?

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2Why Is Our Pass Defense So Horrible? Empty Re: Why Is Our Pass Defense So Horrible? on Sun 07 Dec 2008, 3:15 am

I can try this one..
First...the numbers are a bit off....see we have been so good stopping the run that teams are being forced to pass more than often or at an above average rate. If you notice on those games where we have shut down the run, the opposing team doesnt even care to continue trying and just go for the pass.

Now...If I am not mistaken...we have Revis(our only shut down corner) playing on same side as our best safety, Rhodes. That leaves an entire side to a bunch of incompetent Corner backs and Safeties (take your pick)

Our linebackers do not have speed..they are big and strong...but our schemes call for them to drop back on coverage for a large percentage of the defensive plays. Hence the reason why we get burned up the middle a lot by 3rd down receivers and tight ends.

With Harris coming back, it will help us a bit since he is a much better overall linebacker, but he is still not 100% and will not take 100% of his job back yet.

We like to get pretty on offense, but our defense has been very mild. A lot of coverage schemes with players playing zone and little to no pass rush.

anyone want to add to this or edit?

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