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Clowney's Getting The Nod, Off practice squad

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1 Clowney's Getting The Nod, Off practice squad on Sun 14 Dec 2008, 4:47 am

David Clowney makes strides off field and hopes to do the same for the Jets Sunday against Buffalo. Weissman for News

David Clowney makes strides off field and hopes to do the same for the Jets Sunday against Buffalo.

David Clowney left the Jets' practice facility Friday afternoon excited but focused.

The Jets' receiver likely will make his NFL debut Sunday against the Bills, but before he could even think about that, there was plenty of homework to be done. The wide receiver had to continue his studies of the Buffalo defense - and help his little brother practice his multiplication tables.

Clowney, who spent much of last season on the Jets' practice squad, was hoping to turn his blazing speed and potential he showed in the preseason into a regular spot on the active game-day roster. With the multi-faceted Brad Smith - who did not practice Friday - doubtful because of a concussion, Clowney probably will be activated Sunday at Giants Stadium.

"Anything I can bring, special teams, or whatever they feel they can use me, I'll do it," Clowney said. "The main thing is getting on the field and showing I can be out there every week."

Clowney is arguably the fastest man on the team. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.36 seconds in the 2007 scouting combine and showed glimpses of that in the first preseason game last summer, when he caught four passes for 163 yards, including a 71-yarder, and two touchdowns. He broke his clavicle in the second preseason game and recovered a month ago, but has not been activated.

Instead of becoming disgruntled, Clowney has instead remained motivated, intent on being ready for his opportunity. That's a change in approach and maturity from last year - a change he said was necessary when he recently decided to assume custody of his 10-year-old brother, Jordan.

"When I took custody of my little brother I knew I couldn't have any distractions," Clowney said. "I had to make sure I was on this team and make sure everything was straight for him."

This past summer, the 23-year-old moved Jordan from a dangerous neighborhood in Palm Beach County, Fla., to Florham Park, N.J., where the Jets train. Clowney is raising Jordan as a single parent.

He said he doesn't mind forgoing the nightlife for evenings at home playing video games, watching movies and doing homework. When he has to travel with the Jets or Jordan is sick and has to miss school, Clowney said he has a network of teammates and friends that help, including the team's director of player personnel Dave Szott, the former Jet whose family has taken Clowney and Jordan under its wing.

"He's very much a parent," said Szott, whose 10-year-old son Joshua has become close friends with Jordan. "He's done very well. He knows Jordan's teachers, he knows the subjects in school, he knows what Jordan's strengths and weaknesses are. He's very involved."

Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, who last season accused Clowney of sleeping through a meeting, noted that becoming a single parent has matured the second-year player out of Virginia Tech.

"Now you ask him a question and he's quick to respond," Schottenheimer said. "Not only does he answer quickly, he answers confidently, which tells you he's spending time (learning)."

And Clowney has earned the respect of his teammates, too.

"David has his priorities," said safety Abram Elam, who is from the same area in Palm Beach County as Clowney. "There are not a lot of positive role models for kids there, and he has made himself a good father figure for his brother. He's prioritized his life."


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Practice Squad
Practice Squad
A deep threat for the Jets clowney has speed and size.

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Practice Squad
Practice Squad
yeah, he was a beast at virginia tech.

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