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Our Coordinators, SCHOTTY and SUTTON= THE WORST

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We have the worst coordinators in football. Neither has any vision for how to win a football game and both should be canned. As far as schotty goes, the only question is whether mangini keeps him conservative, but if these are his calls...let some other team make him head coach and see ya later...I would rather just let callahan call the least with callahan wee might have some consistency and develop an identity...schotty just does random shit every week and I no longer think the problem was chad, or kellen, or brett...they all look the same back there...and thats bc of the offense we put them in...same shitty plays..same shitty approach...As for sutton he is the problem..mangini is getting picked on for his lack of emotion...but you dont need to show it as a HC when you corrdinators can handle their respective teams...the HC can then sit and stay collected and make decisions...but mangini is stoic and sutton is some calm, quiet, old man...but not the calm, quiet, silent assassin type old man like a jim johnson or tom moore (offense)...he is just a quiet old man with no intensity...and the defense plays that way...

bottom line is we rank last in the league in coordinator quality...our schemes are awful, our technique is awful...Shit at least the raiders have rob ryan...


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I wonder if the players speak out at private about this...I mean they have to see the same things we see...specially when they watch the tapes.

I have heard plenty of time how Brett has approached Schotty and asked him to open up offense or run certain plays...but in defense...I wonder if anyone has approached Sutton?

Players like Rhodes....who looks like a ghost out there this season....
The linebackers...who are built to fight in the trenches, but go out on coverage more often than not.

I am 50/50 on Schotty....only because he is young and I am sure he will get better...not that we have the time....but Sutton...I would gladly spend a few nights in jail for the chance to smack him around!

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