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Thomas Jones Today

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1 Thomas Jones Today on Sun 23 Nov 2008, 11:23 pm

I have been at pause to give Jones any love but today I have to give him a lot of love.The man had his best game of the season in my opinion.Maybe not yardage wise but stats aren't everything.The man pounded the ball today with a passion and malicious intent that I haven't seen from him all season.The man may have a reputation of going down easy in tackles but not today.He played smash mouth football like I haven't see from him before.And even better he did it against the number one rated defense in the league.Great Job Mr. Jones. Please let this type of hard mean running continue the rest of the season.You are have been a very valuable RB this year for the team but I want more games from you like this.Fight tghe defenses like they smacked your wife! I want you pissed before every game from now on.
Once again Great JOB!!!

You deserve your own thread for praise today.Please silence myself and your other doubters for good!!!!!

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2 Re: Thomas Jones Today on Sun 23 Nov 2008, 11:36 pm


Practice Squad
Practice Squad
The best RB in the AFC heck the NFL did a great job today.

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3 Re: Thomas Jones Today on Mon 24 Nov 2008, 1:35 am

He is a quiet hard runner! I miss Curtis, but glad we have Thomas and what he has done for us!

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