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Kris Jenkins Still Stewing Over Broncos Loss

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1Kris Jenkins Still Stewing Over Broncos Loss Empty Kris Jenkins Still Stewing Over Broncos Loss on Fri 05 Dec 2008, 3:13 am


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Kris Jenkins still stewing over Broncos loss

December 4, 2008 3:06 PM

Posted by's Tim Graham

New York Jets nose tackle Kris Jenkins has taken Sunday's setback rather hard.

Jenkins normally is a chatty fellow, but he has been scarce -- as much as a 360-pound man can be -- since the Denver Broncos beat the Jets 34-17 at the Meadowlands. The defeat was especially humbling after the Jets defeated the New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans in consecutive weeks on the road.

Jenkins is the anchor of a defensive line that went into the game ranked third against the run but gave up 127 rushing yards and failed to sack Jay Cutler.

Jenkins emerged Thursday to speak with reporters at the Jets' facility in Florham Park, N.J.

He has been the team's MVP on the field, and based on the way he's reacting to the loss, you can get a good idea of his leadership behind the scenes.

Here is a transcript, courtesy of the Jets' media relations department, of Jenkins' interview session:

I know for the past couple of days nobody has seen me. I just decided that I was going to take a couple of days off to unwind. Sometimes you need a second to put things into perspective.

We got our bubble burst. We went out there with all the best intentions and honestly we didn't get it done. I had to think long and hard about the situation because I didn't know what to say to answer the questions that have been asked.

Honestly, I just kind of thought about it from the perspective if I was a fan. Would I want to hear the response? Honestly, probably not. Denver is a good team and they showed it, but we went out there and we didn't play to our potential.

As far as I am concerned, I can take full blame for the fact that I didn't get it done. I could have done better shedding [blocks]. I was in place a lot of times, but just didn't shed. We didn't get the tackling done, and I take it upon myself because the responsibility on me is big, and I have always known that. If I am doing good, then it's good. If I am doing bad, then it shows.

It's just one of those things that I have to take it like a man, suck it up and now it's San Francisco week. I had to shed that and swallow it. I know you wanted to ask so I am going to answer it now, but after this I am not going to talk about it anymore because my focus is on San Francisco. We have a tough challenge ahead of us because we haven't won on the West Coast yet. They are playing very strong since [new 49ers head coach Mike] Singletary has taken over and we have to be ready for that. They have a great running back in [Frank] Gore. We have our hands full this week.

It was a hard pill to swallow with the Denver loss, but sometimes you have to deal with the reality of the situation, find a way to learn after your mistakes and move on. That's what the situation is. All isn't lost. We are still in good standing. We just have to continue to win. That starts this week and that is where I am at.

I just know how I play the game and I am going to approach the game how I play. I didn't do the best that I could. If I would have done better would it have changed the outcome? Who knows? But it's not for me to say. I just know when I looked at the film afterwards there were some things I could have done better.

I am going to make sure that I definitely take responsibility for that. My position, it's one where I have to be the point of attack for this defense. If I don't do a good job then, who is to say that it probably didn't impact the whole [defensive] performance? I am going to take a lot of that on my shoulders, and I am going to be a man about it.

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