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JETS not rusing Favre D-Day!

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1JETS not rusing Favre D-Day! Empty JETS not rusing Favre D-Day! on Tue 10 Feb 2009, 10:19 am


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February 10, 2009
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February 10, 2009

It's become quite clear Brett Favre has the Jets in a headlock until further notice - his notice. The $64,000 question is when that notice will come.

Since the end of the Jets' disappointing 2008 flame-out, there's been wide-ranging speculation about a timetable for Favre to let the Jets know if he's staying or going.

Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum revealed to The Post that, although the team would like to know by Feb. 27 (the start of the free-agent signing period) or sooner, the team has not given Favre any deadline to make a decision.

Tannenbaum, who said he has spoken to Favre a couple of times since the end of the season, did indicate yesterday a more serious conversation about Favre's future would take place in the next couple of weeks.

However, it's clear the Jets are not pressuring Favre.

"Even though we may be speaking doesn't necessarily mean a decision on his part needs to be final by the start of free agency," Tannenbaum said. "We haven't formulated any timetable. We'll know more in next few weeks, but we haven't had any dialogue [about his decision]. We have not set a hard and fast date."

That news is a bit alarming considering the fact that, should Favre decide to leave, the Jets would be left with an unproven group of quarterbacks in Kellen Clemens, Brett Ratliff and Erik Ainge.

If they know before free agency that Favre is not returning and they feel they need to add a more experienced veteran QB, then they would have time to sign one, though the crop is not strong.

After Kurt Warner, who's sure to re-sign with Arizona, Matt Cassel, who last week had a franchise tag placed on him by the Patriots, and Kerry Collins, who's going to re-sign with the Titans, the best option is perhaps Byron Leftwich, the Steelers' backup and former Jags starter.

Tannenbaum, echoing owner Woody Johnson's public sentiments, reiterated he wants Favre back, saying, "Brett did lot of great things for us last year. I care for him. We look forward to having dialogue with him. We'll sit down with Brett and talk to him and get a feel for what he'd like to do."

Asked if there was any possibility that, if Favre asked for his release so he could play for another team (the Vikings), the Jets would honor that request and release him, Tannenbaum said he didn't want to "speculate" on hypothetical situations.

"We'll be prepared and have a good plan," he said, referring to Favre returning or retiring.


The Jets yesterday officially announced the hiring of quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh and assistant quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo. The team also announced it has retained Ben Kotwica as assistant special teams coach and Brian Smith as quality control defense.

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2JETS not rusing Favre D-Day! Empty Re: JETS not rusing Favre D-Day! on Tue 10 Feb 2009, 6:58 pm

They need to call him and tell him stop being a diva and make up your mind. Jets

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3JETS not rusing Favre D-Day! Empty Re: JETS not rusing Favre D-Day! on Wed 11 Feb 2009, 1:09 am


Practice Squad
Practice Squad
Yeah i am also sick of favre right now. Make up your damm mind

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