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Jets Need a “Schott” of Jones to Get Back on Track

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By Bassett

Looking ahead to this weekend’s match up with the San Francisco 49ers (hopefully soon to be the 4 and 9′ers), the medicine for what is ailing the Jets seems obvious, healthy doses of Thomas Jones. Is it just me or does TJ seem to grind out 5 yards every time he runs the ball?

Thomas Jones is well on his way to his best statistical season. He is averaging a career best 4.7 yards per carry and he is on pace to rush for 1,500 yards. Anything over 1,355 yards would be a personal best for Jones. He has reached the end zone 13 times this season, improving on the dismal two visits to pay dirt he had last year. Two if this year’s scores have come on passes from who know who. Speaking of the passing game, TJ has hauled in 27 of those bullets from Brett. Good for an additional 161 yards of forward progress. It is undeniable that Jones has adequately filled the void left by Curtis Martin.

Along the way he has had a lot of help. The addition of Alan Faneca and Damien Woody has solidified the talents of Ferguson, Moore and Mangold. Together with Chris Baker, the offensive line has been blasting holes for Jones and Leon Washington to breeze through. When Tony Richardson leads the way, he has been demolishing linebackers. Also, I guess some of the credit can be given to Brett Favre. The veteran QB commands intermediate and downfield threats that help create running lanes underneath. The last time the Jets saw a rushing attack this potent was their playoff run in 2004.

Candlestick Parkwas the site of TJ’s first rushing touchdown back in 2000 while playing for the Cardinals. His most recent game against the Niners was in 2006 as a member of the Bears. While he didn’t reach the end zone in that game, he did amass 110 rushing yards on 21 carries. The Bears easily won 41-10 in Chicago. I predict a similar fate for the 49ers this Sunday if Jones touches the ball 20 or more times.

So if you are listening Mr. Schottenheimer, give the rock to Mr. Jones early and often. Try a play action pass on 1st down every once and a while. 2nd and 10 is still a good opportunity to run the ball. 3rd and short is an even better opportunity to pound the pigskin on the ground. With the tendencies you have shown to this point in the season, I don’t think any defense will have the right reads on the field. Leave the “wildcat” and the reverses in your office back in New Jersey. If you want to mix things up, try leaving Richardson in to block for Leon Washington. If you think getting Jones to the second level is effective, wait until you do it with Leon.

One more thing, I will be there, right behind you, in the lower level of section 33 in San Francisco on Sunday. And I won’t be the only one to remind you to “stay the course” if you stray from the ingredients that will bring us a victory. I will be easy to spot. I will be the only guy in a white Bryan Thomas jersey that is not on the field.

So what do I see for the game this weekend? Darrelle Revis is going to add to his INT total. Bryan Thomas and Calvin Pace will add to their SCK totals. Ty Law will cover the TEs. Thomas Jones will add to his TD totals. Oh yeah, that Favre guy may complete a pass or two. My pick, the Jets will defeat the Niners by the score of 34-17 and get back on track.

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Practice Squad
Practice Squad
Thomas jones is having a great year and it all starts with the run. Jets lets thomas do his thing and the game is ours.

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